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Why should you trust us?

Why should you trust us?

Au Comptoir Des Serruriers is a company with two stores, the first at 35 Notre Dame de Nazareth in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris and the second at 17 rue Lagrange in the 5th arrondissement. We are specialized in access control and troubleshooting for your locksmith work.

We work with trade unions and several companies.

As we wish to implement a policy of tariff transparency, we put our prices in the eyes of all. You can find on our website, in store and through our online or SMS quotes.

For years now, we have also been collecting feedback from customers who have trusted us.

To summarize here are some of the elements that characterize us:


You can see it, all our prices are available on our website, our quotes are free. We announce our prices clearly, with us, our customers have no surprises.

Trust and confidence

A.C.D.S. is a company always looking to establish a relationship of trust with its customers. That’s why we manage to stand out. We are always looking to find the right solutions, to advise our customers and all partners who trust us. It is thanks to this that our company is growing more and more and more and more companies trust us. We have been able to get many positive opinions from customers who have used our services.

Speed and flexibility

A.C.D.S. tries to answer as soon as possible the request we receive either via our contact form or by phone. We make it a point of honour to answer in a very short period of time.


With more than 10 years of experience, three stores in Paris, the first of which was opened six years ago. Our company is made up of experienced technicians who ensure fast and quality service.



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